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Unlimited Educational Services, has been operating as printed and digital language learning content provider in Turkey since 2008 and has distinguished itself by its unique quality of service. We provide exceptional digital solutions to educational institutions by offering more than 100.000 highly qualified interactive resources which cover the curriculum in all its aspects.

In addition to digital content providing; we are representing leading international ELT and other foreign language learning publications in our market. By our area managements in major cities and strong agent network all over Turkey, we become solution partner of wide spectrum of educational institutions from preschools to universities. Our main digital content partners are; Young Digital Planet (Poland), SuperMemo (Poland), Highlights for Children (USA), BBC Learning (UK). For printed language learning materials; we are exclusive distributor of Richmond ELT Publishing (Spain), Black Cat Cideb (Italy), Helbling Languages (Austria), Espanol Santillana (Spain) and SGEL (Spain) and also main distributor for Hachette Livre (France) in Turkey. In addition, we are representing CAMLA – Cambridge Michigan Language Assessment in Turkey which helps students and institutions achieve their education and career goals by providing trusted English language exams that draw on the expertise of two of the world’s leading universities. Moreover, we are also working with many international publishers from UK and USA to meet the needs of our customers.

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Latest Annoucements

The 15th Asia TEFL-64th TEFLIN International Conference meets the criteria of an international conference in the following aspects: (1) STEERING COMMITTEE members from 4 countries: (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea), (2) The reviewers are the Asia TEFL Executive Council and TEFLIN Board members from 13 countries (China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam); (3) Abstracts already submitted from 28 countries (can be seen from the list of presenters in the website).
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ECUATESOL shares the mission of the International Organization TESOL, which is to develop and care for the level of professional expertise in teaching - learning of speakers of other languages ​​at the national level with international projection, adopting and applying the fundamental values ​​of TESOL, such as respect for individual differences, facilitating access to teachers at all levels of different educational environments, working as a collaborative global community, promoting reflective practice for continuous improvement of its members and respect for diversity and multiculturalism
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The theme for this year’s conference is “Active Learning through CALL”. Active learning is an essential part of language learning. JALTCALL 2017 will focus on how educational technology can encourage learners to take a more effective role in their study both inside and outside the classroom.
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8 Essentials for a Virtual School that Works

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5 Temmuz

Why Digital Learning is Reshaping Education

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