Learning Must Be Fun These Days!

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Why Choose Us?

- The best cloud based mLearning platform
- Byte-sized learning
- Gamification
- Edutainment
- Storytelling
- Mobile learning
- Personalized learning environment

One of a kind hybrid and multimedia-rich English language teaching course for kindergartens

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- It makes lesson preparation quick and easy by providing a step-by-step guide for teachers.
- It keeps small kids interested and involved thanks to using different forms of teaching material – digital and traditional (books) as well as multimedia resources such as songs, chants, illustrations, simulations, games and animations.
- It helps every pre-school teacher apply ICT at work since no special technical knowledge is required to work with the solution.
- With its extensive coverage it enables an individual approach that meets the needs of every pre-schooler regardless of their age and the culture they grow up in.

Welcome Aboard!

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Kidzwonder brings pirates into your classroom, taking your students into a New and Exciting World, where they can learn English and develop useful learning strategies, such as discovery and experimentation. Year students will earn lots of lovely gold and spend it customising their character and collecting badges.