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Our Suppliers

Richmond Richmond is an international ELT publisher. Richmond offers a complete range of print and online resources for young learners, teenagers and adults. Richmond is committed to the development of appropriate, dynamic and innovative teaching materials. Continual teacher development and training form the foundation of our service to your teaching staff and institution.

Its objective is to produce and publish materials for the teaching of English as a foreign language. Its main goal is to provide solutions for both educators and learners in all of the countries in which they operate, while respecting the uniqueness of each country and culture.

A Richmond educator counts on innovative print and digital content that meets their current needs and anticipates how they’ll be teaching in the future. As an additional benefit, Richmond’s team of education specialists closely monitor the ever-changing challenges and opportunities that crop up in all types of classrooms.

Helbling The mission of Helbling English is to promote global understanding and communication between speakers of different languages by providing teachers and students with innovative teaching materials of the highest quality possible.

Its objective is to produce and publish materials for the teaHelbling English publishes innovative course books and multi-media materials that make learning a foreign language an interesting and enriching experience and actively uses the latest findings in cognitive psychology, education and brain research to guarantee materials that fully cater for learners’ different interests, motivation, learning styles and cognitive capabilities. Helbling English titles have won top awards and prizes from the most respected institutions in the ELT World.

Black Cat Black Cat, a world leader in the production of beautifully designed, innovative and dynamic teaching materials, is the imprint of Cideb publishing – a DeAgostini Group company, which since 1973 has been well-known in the international educational publishing market. Black Cat materials include graded readers, grammar books, courses, exam books and cultural studies books, not only for the English language, but also for French, German, Spanish and Italian. The range of support material includes audio-CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, IWB compatible material and more. Black Cat books are admired all over the world for their creativity, innovation and constant attention to the highest production values.

SGEL SGEL is a publishing company and has more than 40 years of experience in the publication of materials and methods for teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

Hachette Every day, all over the world, Hachette FLE accompanies you in the classroom, in your educational projects and your teaching practices with a local service in France and internationally! Today, Hachette FLE works alone or in partnership with local institutions or publishers to create educational resources that meet the needs of French learners and teachers around the world.

CLE International A specialist publisher of French as a foreign language, CLE International takes into account the diversity of needs of traditions and learning cultures considering the ideas of the teachers. The variety of renewed and updated collections constitutes a unique catalog. With its editorial and institutional partners, CLE International offers many contextualized versions of its methods.

Our Digital Platforms

English Play Box – for grades K-1: English Play Box is a one of a kind paper and digital hybrid, multimedia-rich English language teaching course for kindergarten and grade 1 and developed based on blended learning, game-based learning and holistic education.

As a standalone learning solution for K-1;

  • Support children in developing practical English skills;
  • Allows the teacher to fulfil their needs and expectations with one coherent method;
  • Makes the lesson engaging and enjoyable while providing learning value at the same time;
  • Ensures using a methodologically reliable product;
  • Boosts teachers’ confidence in terms of ICT and makes their work comfortable;
  • Increases students’ outcomes, involvement, encourages and motivates them;
  • Reduces time needed for lesson preparation


KidzWonder – for grades 1-4: KidzWonder is a new English learning programme for grades 1-4. It is grounded in communicative language teaching and learning, and the idea that we learn best by doing. Kidzwonder brings together all the technology teachers need to use for teaching English. It exploits game-based learning that is appropriate for an educational context. It is flexible and can be customized for schools. It includes online lessons, eReaders, talking stories, game lessons, activity books, assessments, video lessons, activities, classworks & homeworks, printable handouts, teacher guides with lesson plants and mapped onto CEFR. In addition, KidzWonder can help the teacher prepare their students for Cambridge English exams for children, including Starters, Movers and Flyers, as it provides practices in all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – as well as knowledge of language structure and its use.


Your Learning Place (YLP) – for grades 1-12: YLP has been developed meeting the latest educational trends and operates online & offline being compatible with Windows, iOs and Android. YLP is a digital content platform, which provides high quality interactive resources in the disciplines of English Language Teaching for all age groups from Kindergarten to the University education.
Content is presented in two versions: for teachers and for students. There are more than 100 000 learning items in each versions of YLP in many forms. It can easily be adapted to the curriculum, the books they use, or the education concept of any school.
Exploiting a variety of services on the platform, which is completely compatible with various methodological approaches, teachers can easily access resources they need and can write their lesson plans accordingly. They can also assign homework and check the assignment instantly as well as easily manage the interactive lessons. 345 schools and more than 100 000 students had access to Your Learning Place Platform and happily used the programme they needed.


Highlights Library: The Highlights Library is a digital reading platform with more than 2,000 e-books. It supports differentiation inside and outside of the classroom, by offering books in 30 different reading levels, tailored to the individual needs of the students. In addition to reading books at their own language level and level of interest from within the digital library, students are able to have books and book quizzes assigned by their teachers. The platform reports on the development of students’ reading outcomes in detail. There is also a Placement Test that students can take individually on the platform.


Kutubee: Kutubee is an interactive e-library for children’s illustrated books in Arabic and English. Contains over 1000 stories carefully selected from the most prominent storytellers and publishers. “Read to Me” features in all e-books, enables the child to listen to the stories in an automated fashion, which also includes a lot of sound effects. Also, children can enrich the content of the stories’ by recording their own voices. The application enables teachers to assign a number of stories to students, according to their levels. Moreover, teachers are facilitated with detailed reports on the number and genre of books which the students have read. All stories can be read without the need for Internet connection.


Karnevall: Karnevall is a German digital platform with lessons, assignments, games and readers designed to support language learning. The platform, which takes learning German out of the class, consists of four levels with sixty lessons for each level. With more than 200 readers, students are able to improve their reading skills at each level. Through homework assignments, learners have the opportunity to revise key vocabulary and play educational games. The reporting system in the teacher’s panel shows total student scores, completion rates of assigned courses, the number of completed readers as well as activities and games finished.


Hexagonia: Hexagonia is a strategic game-based platform, in which a multi-player, real-time and online playing experience are blended with a rich variety of interactive educational content to ensure that learners have the opportunity to learn German in an intrinsically appealing and fun way. In Hexagonia, students will be competing with their classmates via the points they have purchased, the achievements in their lessons as well as the campus scores they have established through their weekly lessons. Hexagonia is designed for secondary and high school students.