Richmond / Santilliana ELT Publishing


ISBN 9788466814058
  • Authors:

  • Specs:

    • English
    • Young Adults
    • B2( Intermediate )
    • Student's Book
  • Features:

    • Audio CD / DVD For Students

    • E - Book

    • Suggested Hours Per Week - 120-

    • Workbook

  • Publisher:

    Richmond / Santilliana ELT Publishing

  • @WORK is the perfect course for anyone who needs to communicate in English at work, regardless of their profession or job title. @WORK brings a light-hearted and non-executive approach to English learning and is also suitable for pre-work tertiary students. Available in 4 levels, the @work Student’s Book material offers a minimum of 60 hours of study. However, the course can be extended with a wealth of additional digital components: to meet the varying needs of different students. These include the interactive @work digital workbook, RICHMOND BUSINESS THEORIES and RICHMOND BUSINESS SKILLS and the awardwinning RICHMOND MAZES. Whatever the industry, whatever the job, @WORK will suit any employee, preparing them to conduct business outside the classroom.

    With @WORK students will:

    • learn get-the-job done language while avoiding business English clichés
    • deal with grammar through an upfront approach
    • work with flexible materials
    • practice email writing
    • follow video modules comprising presentations, negotiations, communications and meetings