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    • English
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    • A2( Elementary )
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  • Achievers is a brand-new six-level course for teenagers which combines interesting, age-appropriate topics with challenging input, practice and support, so that every student will achieve his or her best.

    Achievers offers a choice of entry point (Post-Beginner or Elementary) and covers CEFR levels A1+ to C1 over six levels.

    With Achievers students will:

     learn contemporary, colloquial English

     improve their vocabulary through lexical sets and vocabulary-building sections

     focus on Cambridge and TOEFL exams through an exam training section

     partake in an ambitious projectlike speaking task to develop their speaking skills

    Components & Resources:

    For Students

     Student’s Book


     Audio CD


    For Teachers

     Teacher’s Book

     Teacher’s Resource Book

     Teacher’s Digital Book

     Teacher’s Audio

     Material Pack