ISBN 9788466813235
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  • Specs:

    • English
    • Primary
    • A1( Beginner )
    • Student's Book
  • Features:

    • Audio CD / DVD For Students

    • Stickers

    • Pop - Outs

    • Practice Book

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  • BIG JUNGLE FUN is a beautifully illustrated three-level preschool course which follows the adventures of Tommy, Tina and Polly. With its eye-catching design and focus on movement, music and rhythm, it will ensure that English lessons are a stimulating, enjoyable experience for very young children.

    Key Features:

    • Great variety of activity types and adorable characters which will appeal to young students
    • Multi-ROM available for all levels, with a selection of songs from each unit, animated story activities and entertaining computer games
    • The Teacher’s Book includes step-by-step instructions for each lesson and optional extra activities.
    • The Teacher’s Resource Book contains 54 photocopiable worksheets, complete audio transcripts, extra activities for celebrations and letters for parents.
    • The ingenious activity generator contained within the iSolutions Pack allows teachers to create personalised worksheets using the Big Jungle Fun material.