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ISBN 9788466813846
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    • English
    • Young Adults
    • B2( Intermediate )
    • Student's Book
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    • Audio CD / DVD For Students

    • Workbook

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    Richmond / Santilliana ELT Publishing

  • TARGET B1 and TARGET B1+ are the first two levels of the Target series for teenagers and young adults which takes students from B1 to B2 level. With its clear and systematic approach to vocabulary and grammar, the Target series consolidates and extends students’ previous knowledge of both areas. Target B1 and B1+ focus on the strategies students need for exam success and autonomous language learning, both now and for future exams such as FCE. By combining age-appropriate topics with extensive and varied practice, both books develop students’ ability in all four skills and also provide them with a comprehensive range of materials for use in class or at home.

    Key Features:

    • Engaging reading and listening texts which present natural examples of the unit’s main language
    • Particular focus on developing writing skills
    • Over to You! reference sections with detailed support for speaking and writing practice
    • Check and Test sections