ISBN 9788466815727
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  • Specs:

    • English
    • Young Adults
    • C1( Upper Intermediate )
    • Student's Book
  • Features:

    • Audio CD / DVD For Students

    • Micro Site

    • Downloadable Material

    • Suggested Hours Per Week - 120-

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  • THE BIG PICTURE is a beautifully designed six-level general English course for adult and young adult learners. It uses striking imagery to present core vocabulary, capture the learner’s attention and encourage critical discussion. The content is genuinely international and the course takes a refreshingly new look at many familiar topics. It also offers both students and teachers access to THE BIG PICTURE Learning Platform, a comprehensive online resource which includes the Richmond Virtual Learning Environment and a user friendly test generator.

    Key Features:

    • Fully integrated core vocabulary syllabus
    • Extra skills development pages in the workbook
    • Functional language pages in every unit that focus on practical everyday English
    • Bring It Together skills-based tasks
    • Clear, user friendly grammar and vocabulary panels
    • Blogs, vodcasts and other fun widgets on the Big Picture Learning Platform