Tippy Toes 1



ISBN 7506009842755
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    • English
    • Kinder Garden
    • A1( Beginner )
    • Student's Book
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  • Tippy Toes is an exciting preschool series for very young children. It fosters Personal and Social Development, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Knowing About the World and the Environment, Artistic Development and Health Development.

    With Tippy Toes students will:

     assimilate grammar structures and vocabulary through engaging activities

     read and listen to original and traditional stories that develop cognitive, vocabulary and pronunciation skills and model natural language

     do class projects to further explore different areas of the curriculum 

     learn basic letter–sound relationships through a comprehensive phonics program


    Components & Resources:

    For Students

     Student’s Book


     Activity Book

     Student’s CD

     Interactive CD (Levels 2 and 3)

     Tippy Toes App (Level 1)

    For Teachers

     Teacher’s Book

     Class CD

     Big Book

     Posters & Cutouts

     Fun Activity Mat

     Puppets (Level 3)

      Digital Book